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What we provide

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We run a specialized training program in batches. if you are a student or experienced professional interested in designing and building highly scalable and perfoming technology products, join in one of the programs.

Full Stack Developer

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Advance your expertise on emerging technologies towards the front and back-end of Web development. This training primarily focuses on the most popular and leading MEAN frameworks (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js). Full Stack Developer training will help freshers and new-bees to understand and enhance their skills to stand out as a successful Full Stack developer. This course includes :

Basic Overview of JavaScript Understanding the Features of JavaScript Javascripts in terms of Websites Understanding the Creation of first JavaScript Tools and Applications used for JavaScripts Understanding the Core Concepts of JavaScript Dealing with Basic Structure of JavaScript Understanding the Concept of writing your JavaScript Basic Overview of Variables.

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Basic Overview of JavaScript

1. Understanding the Concept of Creating Variables.

2. What are the Different Datatypes used in JavaScripts.

3. Understanding the Concept of using Different DataTypes.

  • Arrays
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Dates
  • Objects

4.Introduction to Operators in JavaScripts.

5.How to Send Message to the console

6.What are conditional constructs

7.Understanding the Working of Conditional Constructs

8.What are Loop Constructs

9.How to work with loop constructs

10.Introduction to Functions in JavaScripts

11.How to Create Functions in JavaScripts

12.Basic Introduction to Document Object Model (DOM)

13.Basic Overview of nodes and elements in JavaScripts

14.Understanding the Concept of Accessing DOM Elements

15.How to Change DOM Elements

16.Concept of Creating DOM Elements

17.Working With Events and Event Listener

18.Basic Overview of JavaScript Event Handling

19.Basic Understanding on Working with onClick and onLoad events

20.Dealing with Working on onBlur and onFocus events

21.Working with timers

22.Concept of Debugging Javascript

23.Dealing with Common JavaScript errors

24.Using Tools for debugging JavaScript

25.Understanding debugging sessions

26.Working with HTML Forms

27.Understanding the Process of Accessing form elements

28.Using Common form element validation techniques

29.Dealing with Common form element actions

30.Working with CSS

31.Performing the Integration of CSS and JavaScript

32.How to Remove and apply CSS classes

33.Working with Changing inline styles

34.Understanding Best Practices for JavaScripts

35.Understanding JavaScript style

36.Code Minification Techniques

37.How to deal with JavaScript code checker

38.Using JavaScript Library

39.Introduction to JavaScript Library

40.Linking to multiple JavaScript Files

41.Using content distribution network to deliver JavaScript files

42.JavaScript and HTML5

43.Introduction to JavaScript in HTML5

44.Dealing with Modernizr

45.Concept of Using strict Mode in JavaScript

46.Understanding Advanced JavaScript Features

47.Understanding the Concept for Regular Expressions

48.What is AJAX

49.How to Work with Ajax

50.Basic Overview of JQuery and JSON

51.Dealing with Object and prototypes


Basic Overview of jQuery

1.Concept of Downloading and use jQuery.

2.Difference between Hosting jQuery and jQuery CDN.

3.Basic Common Syntax Overview.

  • Arrays
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Dates
  • Objects

4.Basic Overview on jQuery chaining.

5.How to Write your first jQuery script(s)

6.Working with Targeting html object using Tag, ID and class

7.Understanding the Concept behind ‘this’ keyword

8.What are jQuery and its related data attributes

9.Understanding Utility Methods for jQuery

10.Introduction to Advanced DOM Traversal

11.Concept of Creation and appending elements with jQuery

12.Using Combination of jQuery and CSS

13.Dealing with JavaScript setTimeout and setInterval

14.Basic Understanding on CSS Animations

15.Concept on Setting CSS Properties

16.How to Add CSS classes

17.Visible state with jQuery and CSS

18.Working with various Animation Effects

19.Working with Events

20.jQuery Event Object

21.Understanding the Concept of Binding events

22.Dealing with various Effect functions (eg: animate, click, hover, toggle)

23.How to Create a simple image slideshow

24.How to Enhance Web Forms

25.What are Forms in jQuery

26.How to use jQuery UI and Forms

27.Concept of Basic Form Enhancements

28.Working with Validation in Forms

29.Basic Overview of Ajax

30.Understanding the Concept of Querying the Ajax

31.Concept of Converting data in JSON format

32.Basic Difference between post and get

33.How to Add Google Maps to Site Using jQuery Ajax

34.Dealing with Using jQuery UI Plugins

35.Plugin Installation

36.Concept of Using of Date Picker

37.Concept of Using Color Picker

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  • Basic Overview of HTML
  • Understanding the features of HTML
  • Concept of Using HTML in Local Site
  • Introduction to Headings in HTML
  • What are Comments in HTML
  • Understanding the Concepts of Paragraphs in HTML
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Basic Overview of HTML

1. Basic Overview of HTML.

2.Understanding the features of HTML.

3.Concept of Using HTML in Local Site

4.Introduction to Headings in HTML

5.What are Comments in HTML

6.Understanding the Concepts of Paragraphs in HTML

7.Dealing with the Concept of Line Breaks & Rules

8.Understanding the Font tags in HTML

9.Basic Understanding on Font styles used in HTML

10.Introduction to Hyperlinks in HTML

11.General use of Image Tag and the Src Attribute

12.Using LIST Tags in HTML

13.Introduction to Tables in HTML

14.Working with Border in HTML Tables

15.How to Apply Headings in a Table

16.Concept of Empty Cells in a Table

17.How to declare width & height

18.Concept of Cellspacing and Cellpadding

19.Dealing with Bgcolor

20.Understanding Tables Colspan

21.Dealing with Nesting of Tables

22.Introduction to Forms in HTML

23.Working with Text Fields

24.Working with Radio Buttons

25.Working with Checkboxes

26.Dealing with Drop down menu

27.Creation of Complete webpage using HTML


Introduction to PHP.

Evaluation of Php

Basic Syntax

Defining variable and constant

Php Data type

Operator and Expression

Handling Html Form With Php

Capturing Form Data

Dealing with Multi-value filed

Generating File uploaded form

Redirecting a form after submission

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Introduction to PHP

1.Evaluation of Php.

2.Basic Syntax.

3.Defining variable and constant

4.Php Data type

5.Operator and Expression

Handling Html Form With Php

6.Capturing Form Data

7.Dealing with Multi-value filed

8.Generating File uploaded form

9.Redirecting a form after submission

Decisions and loop

10.Making Decisions

11.Doing Repetitive task with looping

12.Mixing Decisions and looping with Html


13.What is a function

14.Define a function

15.Call by value and Call by reference

16.Recursive function


17.Creating and accessing String

18.Searching & Replacing String

19.Formatting String

20.String Related Library function


21.Anatomy of an Array

22.Creating index based and Associative array

23.Accessing array Element

24.Looping with Index based array

25.Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()

26.Some useful Library function

Working with file and Directories

27.Understanding file& directory

28.Opening and closing a file

29.Coping ,renaming and deleting a file

30.Working with directories

31.Building a text editor

32.File Uploading & Downloading

Mini Project (With file Handling)

33.State management

34.Using query string(URL rewriting)

35.Using Hidden field

36.Using cookies

37.Using session

String matching with regular expression

38.What is regular expression

39.Pattern matching in Php

40.Replacing text

41.Splitting a string with a Regular Expression

Generating Images with PHP

42.Basics of computer Graphics

43.Creating Image

44.Manipulating Image

45.Using text in Image

Database Connectivity with MySql

46.Introduction to RDBMS

47.Connection with MySql Database

48.Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)

49.Setting query parameter

50.Executing query

51.Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)

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Node JS

Introduction to Node JS

  • What is Node JS?
  • Advantages of Node JS
  • Traditional Web Server Model
  • Node.js Process Model
  • Setup Dev Environment
  • Install Node.js on Windows
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Node JS

Introduction to Node JS

1.What is Node JS?

2.Advantages of Node JS.

3.Traditional Web Server Model

4.Node.js Process Model

Setup Dev Environment

5.Install Node.js on Windows

6.Installing in mac os

7.Working in REPL

Node JS Modules



10.Module Types

11.Core Modules

12.Local Modules


Node Package Mananger

14.What is NPM

15.Installing Packages Locally

16.Adding dependency in package.json

17.Installing packages globally

18.Updating packages

Creating Web server

19.Creating web server

20.Handling http requests

21.Sending requests

File System


23.Writing a File

24.Writing a file asynchronously

25.Opening a file

26.Deleting a file

27.Other IO Operations

Debugging Node JS Application

Core Node JS debugger

Debugging with Visual Studio


28.EventEmitter class

29.Returning event emitter

30.Inhering events


31.Configuring routes

32.Working with express

33.Serving static files

34.Working with middle ware

Database connectivity

35.Connection string


37.Working with select command

38.Updating records

39.Deleting records

Template Engine

40.Why Template Engine

41.What is Jade

42.hat is vash


React JS

Introduction to ReactJS:

History of front end libraries

Basic Syntax

Motivation for using React

Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)

React components

Render function

Component API

Component lifecycle

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React JS

Introduction to React JS

1.History of front end libraries

2.Basic Syntax

3.Motivation for using React

4.Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)

React components

5.Render function

6.Component API

7.Component lifecycle





React internals

10.Reconciliation algorithm

11.Component inter communication

12.Component composition

13.Pass data from parent to child

14.Pass data from child to parent

Component styling:


16.Searching & Replacing String

17.CSS Modules


Unit testing components


20.React test utilities

Performance optimizations:


22.Expensive DOM manipulations

23.Performance tools

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Mongo Db

  • Understanding NoSQL Concept
  • Architecture Patterns and MongoDB
  • Development using Mongo DB.
  • MongoDB Shell
  • Document-oriented Data and Indexing
  • Monitoring Management
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Mongo Db

1.Indroduction of MONGODB

2.Understanding NoSQL Concept & Architecture Patterns and MongoDB.

3.Development using Mongo DB.

4.MongoDB Shell.

5.Document-oriented Data and Indexing.

6.Monitoring Management.

7.Querying Data & Optimization.

8.Aggregating Result.


10.Update & Deletes.



In course of training, you can create sample projects with guidance from our in-house experts. We provide secure development and testing environment in cloud. Moreover you are allowed to deploy it over a dedicated URL created for you. You own the codebasse of the sample project you create.
Good Luck.

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CaptTechIn's Training Will...

  • Teach you both front-end and backend layers of a projects
  • Make you an able hand in overall Design Structure as well.
  • Help you take ownership and Charge of Project Responsibility.
  • Prove to be Cost-Effective.

CapTechin's Training Will Not...

  • Waste the your precious time for nothing because the course is packed with highly valuable data and insights
  • Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything we teach is from real-time projects.
  • Make you spend the money without improving your skills ten times more than you would imagine.
  • Leave you stranded at the end of the course beacuse it will guide you towards reaching your goals.
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Pauline Smith

Online Marketing Specialist

Pauline has a broad industry experience built while working for famous corporations and innovative startups which makes her a great instructor.

  • Highly enthusiastic problem solver
  • Loves to share information with peers

"I absolutely loved to work with Pauline's team while she was Marketing Manager at Delloite. She's a seriously dedicated person and loves to develop awesome digital courses."

John Monroe - General Manager, Delloite
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Mike Brown

Business Developer

Mike is a highly skiled business developer with hands-on experience in managemnt positions at popular organiations and in his own companies.

  • Great communicator with public speaking skills
  • Works best when challenged with cool projects

"My experience with Mike goes back in the days when he was starting his own company and pushed some cool and innovative courses together with high quality services."

Bill Vancouver - General Manager, Monopoly
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Ronnie Blake

Web Content Creator

Ronnie is a passionate creator and his greatest passion is to find value where nobody expects. He's also into developing digital courses and platforms.

  • Great programming and design abilities
  • Finds value where nobody sees any

"Ronnie is a great observer and likes to use his skills to solve everyday problems with digital courses and services. You have a lot to learn from his experience."

Finley Stream - General Manager, Invest Bank


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  • Q

    Who should take the Course ?

  • A College grads, software developers, Architects and Leads.
  • Q

    Are there prerequisites ?

  • A Yes, should have attended college or working as a software developer.
  • Q

    How do I register?

  • A Sign up on the Registration form, we will call you back.
  • Q

    When should I register?

  • A Now.
  • Q

    Do you provide financial assistance or payment plans?

  • A We offer scholarship and special discounts to elgible candidates.
  • Q

    Do you support with development infrstructure to create sample projects?

  • A Yes, we do provide dedicated projects ares and infro for development, testing and deployment.